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About Sapanta Consultants:

Sapanta Consultants is a registered organisation in Australia. It provides the independent overseas Professionals registration and qualifications assessment service in Australia.

Sapanta Consultants is specialised in overseas professional placement and migration to Australia.

Sapanta Consultants has an Overseas Qualified Specialised Assessment Unit, which has started as an initiative of it's affiliated employers in Australia as a result of the difficulty and multiplicity of the registration processes for overseas-qualified professionals in Australia as well as the excessive requirement on skilled specialists in Australia.

Sapanta Consultants has a separate unit for each Overseas Qualified Professions.

Sapanta Consultants provides its low-cost services based on a solid background and experience of its nursing consultants in the assessment of overseas nurses qualifications and experience. This unit conducts an assessment of overseas nursing qualifications and experience based on the National Australian Nursing Competency Standards.

About Sapanta Health:

Sapanta Consultants aims at facilitating the transition of overseas-qualified nurses into the Australian nursing workforce to help serve the needs of the health system.

Sapanta Consultants determines the eligibility of overseas nurses for registration in Australia, and it assesses the equivalence of overseas nurses educational preparation to Australian standards based on the guidelines for accreditation of overseas nurse education courses. To find out why you need to do assessment of your nursing qualifications and experience in Australia, click here.

Our nursing consultants who are registered nurses have worked as nurses for both the public and the private health sectors in Australia and overseas, and they are specialised in overseas nurses skills assessment.

We have a great overseas nurses data bank with almost all nursing specialties from different countries. Our nursing consultants with extensive experience in placement of overseas-qualified nurses will provide an exceptional service to meet your needs and help you gain registration and recognition for your qualifications in Australia.

About Sapanta Nursing Hyderabad:
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